Proper Manuscript Formatting

Making sure your manuscript is formatted properly is not optional. Submitting your work without following accepted formatting guidelines is like going to a job interview in your pajamas—without showering.

Trouble is, there are a wide variety of such guidelines living out in the wild on the web. Some are too general, others offer conflicting advice, still others are so difficult to digest that they offer little practical usefulness.

So as a public service to other writers out there, I wanted to share these excellent manuscript formatting guidelines by William Shunn. Not only do they cover the basics (use of monospace font like Courier, underlines instead of italics, what to put on the title page), they also present the information in the form of a manuscript—which is a perfect way to show as well as tell (as every good author should do).

Writer’s Block: 10 Types and How to Overcome Them

This io9 article not only fits the theme of this blog, but is also—by far—the most useful article I’ve ever read about the topic of Writer’s Block. Give it a read.

The 10 Types of Writers’ Block (and How to Overcome Them)
By Charlie Jane Anders, on io9